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What I Read 2020

Hi Friends! Happy New Year!¬†We made it! Sort of… This was a strange one and we all needed to find ways to adjust. Just as our cabin-fever-ridden ancestors before us, we turned to the classics to get us through – broken zoom calls with grandma’s chin, compulsive Amazon shopping, and the timeless teachings¬†Joe Exotic. AContinue reading “What I Read 2020”

Picking Up From Last Week: The Importance of Space

You’ve stay tuned. You want to know how to make people more productive. You’re not alone. Economists have long studied this question. It boils down to getting businesses to invent creative ideas (or monetize other people’s creative ideas). And for this, it turns out location is essential. For example, a great scientist located in aContinue reading “Picking Up From Last Week: The Importance of Space”

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