Picking Up From Last Week: The Importance of Space

You’ve stay tuned. You want to know how to make people more productive. You’re not alone.

Economists have long studied this question. It boils down to getting businesses to invent creative ideas (or monetize other people’s creative ideas). And for this, it turns out location is essential. For example, a great scientist located in a research lab with other great scientists will come up with more new ideas than she would alone. (The reverse is true, too—losing an innovative contributor can reduce productivity. In universities, when a superstar researcher dies, her department colleagues’ publication rates fall by 5-8%).  Even at the city level, research shows scientists create patents (i.e. innovate) at 20% higher rates in cities with twice as many workers.

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9 Things I Learned Running a Marathon with No Training

“Do you know what happened to the first guy who decided to run 26.2 miles? He dropped dead after.”

This was my response anytime someone asked me if I was interested in running a marathon. I have short legs. Why subject them to that?

And yet, here I am in mile 13. My knees are in so much pain that I’m wondering, “Does Amazon sell wheel chairs?” The better question is, “Why am I running a marathon, by myself, on 12 hours notice?”

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Quest for the Cup: Round II


Ok, the Stanley Cup finals kick off in a few hours so it’s time I stop sulking and update the League. Many of you have been clamoring for a Round II roundup (and Round III…). My apologies for the delay. Something about watching Nick tear through the field as though he’s deconstructing a suit (shreds) sucked the enthusiasm out of my playoff experience. 

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What I Read 2017

Hi All,

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! With 2017 behind us it’s a time to reflect and also to plan. As many of you know, I read a lot. For those who have known me for a long time, that seems counterintuitive (in 4 years of high school the only book I read was Pieces To Weight, 50 Cent’s autobiography…). But now that I’m literate, and per the request of several of you, I wanted to pass along what I read this year. Each book has a short description.

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