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What I Read 2021

Hi Friends! Happy New Year! Apologies for the late email. I know you all waited up this weekend…  This year I’ve grouped the list into the following categories:  I’ve ordered the books in each category from best to worst in my opinion. All of these books were recommended by top performers (chess masters, political strategists,…

What I Read 2020

Hi Friends! Happy New Year! We made it! Sort of… This was a strange one and we all needed to find ways to adjust. Just as our cabin-fever-ridden ancestors before us, we turned to the classics to get us through – broken zoom calls with grandma’s chin, compulsive Amazon shopping, and the timeless teachings Joe Exotic. A…

9 Things I Learned Running a Marathon with No Training

“Do you know what happened to the first guy who decided to run 26.2 miles? He dropped dead after.” This was my response anytime someone asked me if I was interested in running a marathon. I have short legs. Why subject them to that? And yet, here I am in mile 13. My knees are…

Quest for the Cup: Round I

Greetings Friends, After a wild first round we’re now down to the Elite 8! But first let’s review how the round of 16 fared.

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