Nicholas (Pickle) Pellow: As a child, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Pickle responded, “a mailman, because it’s the easiest job.” (Lets not forget about those cool shorts). In high school his aspirations evolved. He felt he was better suited for a career which required you to read books and write papers on them. (Nerd…) During his avoidance of the job market for the better part of a decade, he has lived this dream both in the classroom and in his free time. This blog is a home for him to indulge his muse. 

Rob (Bert, Bob, Ert) Pellow is an idea’s man who thrives on enthusiasm. Whether teaching himself “not to sweat” via pressure cooking himself in steam rooms (where he he disabled the max temperature governor), self-inflicting mercury poisoning via high dose fish oil (20-80g / day), or listening to the same song on repeat for hours (or days), he believes firmly that anything worth doing is worth over doing. 

US Embassy in London, moments before the guards kicked us off

What People Say

“Nick’s the guy who wins the lottery, and on his walk to cash in loses the ticket and says, ‘Well, you win some you lose some.'”

Greg DiGioa – Childhood Friend

“All these talented people in Seattle and we’re hiring the guy from Boston?”

Naveen Jain – Executive Chairman Moon Express, CEO Viome

“You boys are rotten.”

Rob and Nick’s mom

Let’s build something together.

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